About Us


HANKOOK LATEX PRIVATE LIMITED, was founded in collaboration with HANKOOK LATEX GOUNGUP CO.LTD.,SOUTH KOREA, in 1997, on 2006 HANKOOK LATEX GONGUP CO.LTD., South Korea has taken over 100% stakes of the company and invested 4 Million US Dollars.  Our modern facilities have a current capacity of over 120 million pieces per annum, for male condoms and also we are manufacturing and marketing of Latex Tubings and Latex Finger Cots.

HANKOOK LATEX PRIVATE LIMITED, 100% subsidiary of Hankook Latex Gongup Co.Ltd., South Korea, employees approximately 150 people with wide experience in production, maintenance, quality control, and R&D.  Our operations are organized in three 8 hr shifts per day.

HANKOOK LATEX PRIVATE LIMITED has an active R&D center in addition to its main production facility.  We are actively involved in research related to HIV/AIDS prevention technology like male condoms.  We are works with healthcare professionals, governments and organizations to support them in promoting good sexual health and the importance of consistent condom use to prevent HIV and other STDs.  In order to execute its responsibility to help the society control AIDS / STDs and control growth rate of population, HANKOOK LATEX PRIVATE LIMITED has an important role as “To Help the world play safe”.

HLPL, factory is fully equipped and has an active quality control and quality assurance program including the testing of raw material up to final packaging of the product.   It’s laboratory is equipped with state – of the - art instruments including air inflation tester to check the bursting volume & pressure, tensile tester to check physical properties and water leakage tester to check pin holes.  Further, ageing oven and seal integrity tester are also available to check parameters at each stage during production.  The production process includes compounding, dipping, vulcanizing, electronic testing, packaging, and testing.

The process and production parameters and quality control procedures are followed based on written SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and other documented procedures. Our Products confirm to stringent international standards such as CE 0434 (EN- ISO 4074), ISO-13485:2003, WHO 2003.