Finger Cots


Finger Cots are made of pure natural latex, each Finger Cots undergo stringent quality control process before it is marketed. The product is confirmed to ISO 5 (class 100) Finger Cots and FDA registered facilities, ASTM (American society for testing materials), CE & Mark Certified.




Hankook Latex knows how important it is to you to have superior quality. So we provide you with the best Finger Cots in the world market today, whether you work in aerospace, electronic, Laboratory including clinical laboratory, hospitals, practicing doctors, scanning centers, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automobile industry, computer or semiconductor industry, mobile phone industry.  With the FDA registered facilities, utilizing an FDA – registered 510(K) formulation and meets US Government 21 CFR specification and ISO 5 (Class 100). The Proven latex formulation completely eliminates contamination risks to you and your products and to safe guard from silicone oils and politicizes, lowest ionic / extractable, contamination from fingers like skin oil , iron particles, calcium deposits, salts, minerals and other micro substances and organisms etc . Mechanically cleaned, chlorination washing to minimize contamination both inside and outside. Clean room processed and rolled for easy use and packed.


Thickness- 0.09 +/- 0.03mm

Length - 65~75mm for all types, 55~65mm for FC 200F (Rimless)

Diameter -   Small   -16mm

                   Medium -18mm

                   Large   -20mm

                   X-Large -22mm

Elongation – Minimum 700%

Tensile strength - Minimum 17Mpa


FC 200R (Colour White)

Excessive powder is removed by a Mechanical Tumbling process. For use in situations where particles are not so critical, but product protection from skin oils, flakes, salts, dyes, chemicals and solvent splash.

Applications: Precision assembly and manufacturing inspection; laboratory, printing and photographic operations, food handling, cosmetic industry, etc.

Size Available: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Pack : 1000 Paces. to a poly bag, 30 poly bag per case.




FC 200R (Blue Colour)

Blue colored FC especially for use in Food industry, Pharmaceutical applications, Poultry, seafood handling, agricultural, laboratory, and applications requiring high color contrast.


FC 300R (Amber Colour)

ISO 5 class 100 specified powders free textured clean room processed and rolled Latex Finger Cots. For cost effective protection from skin salts, oils and particulates. Processed by advanced chlorination washing to minimize contamination both inside and outside and to protect your product from silicone oils and politicizes etc.


Application :Discrete components, hard drive assemblies , die bonding, wire attach, disk drives, thin film heads, optics, finishing, cleaning and handling or precision instruments.


Available Size: Small, Medium, Large, X – Large.

Pack: 1000 Paces. to a poly bag, 30 poly bag per case.


FC 300R (PK)  - (Pink Color)

Hankook Latex anti-static latex powder free ISO 5 (Class 100) finger cots. Recommended for use with CLASS II /CATEGORY B static sensitive device with thresholds above 1000V (>/=1000V).


Application: ESD- sensitive areas, Defense, avionics, marine electronics, consumer electronics companies IC manufacturing, wire binding, assembly area etc.


Available size: Small, Medium, Large, X- Large.

Pack: 1000 Paces. to a poly bag, 20 poly bag per case.



FC 400 R (BK) – (Black color)

            Static dissipative: induced charges are dissipated in under 0.25 seconds. ISO 5 (Class 100) processed powder free, rolled and bagged. Excellent tactile sensitivity for static free handling of ESD parts and components. Average surface resistively allows rapid bleed of any charge. Recommended for use with Class I and Class II / CATORGORY A (<1000V) static sensitive electronic devices. Applications: Avionics, defense; IC industries, electronics, electronic field repair kits, assembly; wire attach, die bonding; laser diodes; field repair kits.


Available size: Small, Medium, Large, X- Large.

Pack: 1000 Paces. to a poly bag, 20 poly bags per case.



All Finger Cots contain natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.


Hankook Latex Finger Cots