MDs Message


Latex Contraceptives (Condoms) industry is considered as the most dignified and sophisticated business of the country which has a great deal of influence in the Society of the nation. It does not only adds value to the nations economy, it ensures a healthy nation with mind and body.  Hankook Latex Private Limited, though started lately under Hankook Latex Gongup Co.Ltd, S.Korea, is very versatile organization with very professional human resources and technical expertise.  We have tried our level best to focus on every details to what it does.  I strongly believe that effective utilization of human resources and human resource development within the organization can act as a catalyst in maximizing profit in the long run.


India is very well known for its skilled as well as semi-skilled but productive labours that ultimately results to lower manufacturing cost.  Our concentration is on the continual technical improvement and creating full-skilled labour for cost effective production without compromising quality.
It is expected that the Latex Contraceptives (Condoms) industry of India is able to export quality products and can earn a healthy amount of foreign currency every year.  The export growth rate is increasing at very faster pace.  Hankook Latex Private Limited has equipped itself such a way that it can proudly represent a fast developing country to the world with outstanding quality products.  We are keenly looking forward to take full opportunity through the India-Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.
At HANKOOK LATEX PVT.LTD, we have always believed that every individual has the right to lead a healthy life, our mission is to manufacture quality human health care products and ensure healthy life for the nation. HANKOOK LATEX PVT.LTD is committed to adapting itself to the changes in technologies and is quick to respond by new products.  HANKOOK LATEX PVT.LTD, there is no compromise on quality.  We believe, to be competent in the world market, we need to produce world class products and this is one of the areas where HANKOOK LATEX PVT.LTD has developed core competence. Thus, we are committed to satisfy the needs of our customers.  The quality of out products is maintained through effective quality control systems such as ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008, CE 0434, GMP, USA ASTM D3492, SABS Certification and CCC certification. HANKOOK LATEX PVT.LTD is also committed for customer centric business, i.e. more value on each transaction and empowers employees with decision support system.  We are committed to spread our coverage to all therapeutic areas in the time to come.  Our aim is to be in the exclusive club of the top Five Latex Contraceptives (Condoms) companies in India in the next 5 years and top in Finger Cots and Latex Tubing in India.  Hankook Latex Pvt.Ltd’s success is the result of superior products, high standards and commitment for quality performance, distinctive competitive strategies, and above all, commitment of the people, Our believes is superior strategies are always better than superior resources.


Dukee Kwon
Managing Director